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Our Top Recommendation
Trading Bases: How a Wall Street Trader Made a Fortune Betting on Baseball

Want to know how an ex Wall Street trader improved on the well known sabermetrics and the Vegas odds? Then this is the million dollar book for you! Find out how he turned fantasy baseball into a financial dream come true. Share his journey with him and learn the tips and tricks that could make you a fortune.

Also Recommended
Changing the Game: How to Profit From Your Passion for Sports By a Wall Street Investment Manage

This book is for anyone who has a passion for sports and also want to make money while they follow their passion. This book is an introduction to the challenging world of sports wagering. It helps to tear down all the misconceptions that surround sports betting in the US and shows the reader that it is actually a legitimate game of skill and helps give informed fans to get more involved and really experience the thrill that their favorite game, team and players can give them through sports betting. It offers insightful methods for evaluating the different sports and combines these methods with investment principles that have been successful on Wall Street for years.

Also Recommended
Sports Betting to Win

This book teachers readers how they can bet on sports and have the same kind of discipline as the professionals who do it for a living. The guide helps readers to make their trades and bank their wins for long ter and to avoid the dangers of becoming over confident irrational and emotional. There are chapters that cover motivation, performance analysis, how the betting process works and even how to go pro for those interested in doing so. A good guide for those who enjoy sports betting and want to get better at it.

Also Recommended
Sharp Sports Betting

This is a book that explains to the reader all the logic and the math that is used and need in the world of sports betting. The book includes things such as exotic bets like parlays, teasers as well as props. One nice little feature in this particular sports betting book that football fans might like is that it also contains a lot of NFL data for the sports fans enjoyment.

Also Recommended
Changing the Game:How to Profit From Your Passion for Sports by a Wall Street Investment Manager

This book is one that will open the eyes of those readers who love to bet on sports. Whether the reader is a fan of all sports, a fantasy sports nut, a real experienced sports better or just one of those weekend warriors the insightful information contained in this book will help anyone learn to bet smarter and be more successful. The book explains that the readers won't win all the time however, the book will help readers win more often.

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