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How to Understand the Betting Odds for the NFL

If you are too experienced at sports betting and are interested in betting on the NFL, you probably wonder how the point spreads and lines are figured out. If you are wondering how that is done, you not the only one that has asked that question. The NFL odds are figured out primarily by a group of professionals called odds makers that work out of Las Vegas, and each week they try and interpret all the data that they get from each team and then they use this data and release their predictions to all the different sports books everywhere. Below are some tips to help you understand the NFL betting odds you see each week during football season.

You need to consider both the team records and their momentum. Those teams that are playing good or have appear to be on what is called a winning streak. Often these are the teams that you will see as being the favorites picked by the odds makers.

It is also based upon the data they have on key players and if they are injured or if they are for some other reason not going to be able to play that week. The odds makers will generally take this into account and if you are betting on a certain team, it's probably a good idea if you also take this into account as well.

Another factor is where the team is playing. Generally in it considered to be in their favor if they are playing in front of their home crowd. If the game is played outdoors the weather is going to be added in as well. There are actually some teams that play a lot better in cold weather than they do extremely hot weather and the other way around. When it comes to playing at home the odds makers will generally give the home team right off the bat a 3 point advantage.

There are some sports books that will use point spreads as well as money lines so the betting on both sides will be evened out. The reason for this is to keep the betting even. If they didn't do this then almost everyone would end up betting on the favorite team to win.

The different sports books will make different adjustments to the lines to account for the local favorite teams after the odds have been released by those professionals in Las Vegas. So you need to keep a look out for that as well.

There might be times though that after you've done all of your own homework that your own figures simply won't jive with those odds makers. This is the time in which you need to decide to go with your gut feelings because if you go with your numbers and against the odds makers, there is a chance that you might be write and you could win a lot of money by following your own hunch.

Final Note: Just remember that sports gambling is illegal in most states unless you live somewhere that there are legal casinos with legal sports books.

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How to Manage Your Money When Sports Betting

If you like excitement and a little bit of mystery, then you might be interested in getting into a little bit of sports betting. This is of course is a big step to take when you are dealing with your finances. This really isn't something that you should jump into unless you can afford to lose the money you have set aside for the betting, it's no different than the stock market when it comes to managing your money when you place any kind of bet of any kind of sports.

To be successful at sports betting and to not get yourself into financial distress you need to understand that the key is how well you manage your money. You need to first have a plan with regards to the money you are going to allow yourself to use and then no matter what happens stick to that plan. You should never vary the size of your bets. By increasing and even decreasing your bets for whatever reason could lead you to losing even more and not winning more. So, if you are really serious about sports betting then you should set aside a certain amount of money to be used as your bankroll and then only lay down a small percentage of that for your bets. For example let's say you decide to bet 2% of that bankroll. When you do you need put down 2% on both the favorites and the underdogs. Never put more on one or the other.

On average, a professional sports handicapper generally will not wager more than 2% of what their bankroll is when they bet. This means if they have say $5,000 as their beginning bankroll if their betting unit is going to be $100 since that would be 2% of $5,000. You can of course have a much lower bankroll this is just an example.

When it comes to betting, never take money that you need for something else and use it to make your bets with. In other words, never bet your rent, your groceries or other money that you need that helps you keep life running smoothly. So in other words if you can't really afford to be betting your money on sports you shouldn't be doing it. After all, if you made $400 a week you wouldn't go out and spend $500 on camping gear, would you?

Let's talk about the bankroll. Let's say you have a bankroll of a $1,000 and you've been winning on your recent sports betting. Now is the time you might want to increase your bankroll by 50% and you can do this by taking the money from your profits and then begin with a new bankroll of $1,500. This now means that you must get to a profit of at least $1,500 in profits before you should consider raising your bankroll again. With the new bankroll however you shouldn't bet so much that you go below the original $1,000. This is a good way of controlling your money without ever having to reach into money that is not set aside for your betting. The object of betting is to make money not to lose money and that is why it's important that when you start winning that you start using a percentage of your winnings to keep betting and not the original bankroll. Of course at any time though, you can take those profits out of your bankroll and use for your own purposes and you will still have that bankroll to use for future bets.

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How to Bet on Baseball Games

They say it's America's pastime, baseball and if you've been following the game for years, you probably truly enjoy watching the game. Perhaps now, after all these years you're considering doing a little sports betting on your favorite sport but you are not sure how to go about it. Though winning on a continual basis is very difficult, placing bets really isn't all that difficult to do.

First thing of course you are going to have to get some money together so that you can place your bet. It's not unusual to see a professional gambler wager as much as $20,000 on one game, but beginners and those who only gamble for a hobby would rarely go that steep. There are many sports books that will accept a wager as little as $1, so it's totally up to you what you bet.

You will need to find a place where you can bet and if you leave near someplace like Las Vegas for instance, you will have no problems finding a sports book that you can bet at. You can also find some places online that will allow you to bet on baseball as well.

To bet online you would have to find the site and then set up an account in order to play. Once you do that you can then go online and place your bet. There are a variety of ways to bet but the most common would be the money line wager. Each game is going to have one team favored over another. So if a weaker team is playing a stronger team, the stronger team of course is going to be the one who is favored to win. The strong team might be -160 and then the weaker team would be set at +150. This means if you pick the strong team you are going to need to bet $16 in order to win a profit of $10. If you go for the underdog then you would need to bet $10 to gain a $15 profit. The key here to remember that the lines are generally based upon who the starting pitchers are.

If you live where you can go to a casino sports book then all you have to do is go there and go up to the betting window and say that you would like to take a bet on whoever the winning team is and their money line of $16 to win $10. Unless the money line has moved the teller there will confirm your bet and then give you a piece of paper that indicates your wager. You will hold onto this paper because if you win, you will need to present it to redeem your winnings. Now if you are betting online you just login to the site, click on the baseball tab, click the team you are betting on and then click on “Place Bet.” The money is then immediately taken from your account and if you win the amount will be put in your account.

Understand that it is a lot smarter to pick just 2 to 4 games in a day and bet on them than if you were to try and bet on say, 10 games a day. You have a far better chance of winning and a far less chance of losing way too much money. Also, if you don't like certain teams that are playing you can choose to go with the over/under wager. This is where you bet that the total runs scored in a game will exceed a certain number or not. There is also the -1.5 run line which is where your team needs to win by more than one run for you to win.

Final Note: Gambling, just like drinking can easily become an addiction and a very expensive one. There is nothing wrong with setting a little bit of money aside for an occasional bet for entertainment but unless you are a professional you really should be careful and never bet more than you can afford.

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Tips on Sports Betting Online

If you love to do sports betting you will find that by going online and finding a good website to use to place your bets can be a really good way to enjoy your hobby of sports betting. A really big advantage of betting this way is that you can do it at any time of the day or the night. Also, it's one way that is legal to do sports betting in every state in the US since there still are no laws against betting online at this time. Below are some tips on the procedures to follow in order to start doing your sports betting online.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you pick the right website. You need to look for a reputable site that has very clear and distinct rules and procedures. Also make sure that the site has clear contact information in case you need to contact them for any reason by phone. Some trusted sites are listed below:
All of these are based in the United States and not in different countries like a lot of the other sports betting sites are.

After you have chosen a site that you feel comfortable with then you can go and start your betting. Make sure to only bet on the games that you are actually passionate about. You should only put bets down on the games you are dying to see so that you can keep the excitement of the gambling going. You are also going to be a lot more knowledgeable on these teams as well.

You need to be careful and manage your money well. If you seem to be losing a lot and often then you should probably pull back on the reigns a bit. No one wins all the time but if you find yours online and on a losing streak you should at least start placing smaller bets and then raise your betting once you start winning again.

Make sure that you know the online game. It wouldn't be a very wise thing to do to go and put money on the line if you didn't understand the rules of gambling set down on the website that you are betting on. You also need to remember that every sport is going to have different rules as well as different kinds of betting that you can do. So make sure you go over the rules on the website good.

Always make sure to take notes. Part of your sports betting homework should be keeping track of all the teams you are following as well as your betting history. You can then use your notes for reference in the future. Make sure to pay close attention to how much and how often you are winning compared to losing.

Always ignore the folk wisdom about gambling. There are a lot of different superstitions when it comes to sports and sports betting. For instance just because the home underdog might be more fresh and the payout is higher doesn't mean that you don't go ahead and bet against them. You really should go with what you know about the teams, the conditions and simply your gut feelings. So if you think that the Rams are better than the Cardinals but the Cardinals have the home field advantage, bet on the team who you truly think is going to win the game.

Final Note: Don't got crazy and start betting wild. If you are on a winning streak, you should take everything that you have to bet on the next game.

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How to Set Up a Football Game Pool

Sports betting doesn't always have to be done through the odds in Vegas, in fact you can have a lot of fun by setting up your own football pool. These kinds of games are perfect for the serious fan or the casual fan. Since predicting the results of a game is not an exact science and you don't really have to have vast knowledge of the game, this kind of a game is ideal. In fact, a lot of times the person that ends up winning the pool has absolutely no clue about the intricate details of team match ups. Below are some tips on how to set up your own football pool.

The first thing is that you need to see how much interest there is with your friends or even co-workers about setting up a pool. You also will need to consider how serious everyone follows football in order for you to pick what kind of competition you want to set up. If for instance the people you ask to play are lifetime fans of the sport then you more than likely will want to make it a higher stakes pool with more complicated point spreads are included in the game. On the other side of the coin if the people you ask are just casual fans you may want to create a game that has a simple format like just guessing the score or what team is going to beat whom.

Make sure that it's OK to hold a pool in the office if you plan on doing so with co-workers. You may want to make sure it's legal to do in your state as well. However, most states allow these kind of games as long as long as the proceeds are going to those who are playing the game.

Next you need to decide on what the rules are going to be for the pool. You will need to come up with a points system as well as a tie breaker procedure. You will need to map out playoff qualifications if that fits as well. You need to write down all the details clearly so they can be understood by everyone so there is no confusion when the season ends. You will also need to decide how much the entry fee will be as well. Once you have a total number of people who are going to pay then you can figure out the payout.

Once you have finished doing this you can send out invitations with the rules of the game and a deadline for their submissions. If there are late arrivals it tends to complicate things so you really need to stick to your deadline that you set up.

Keep everyone excited by ensuring them all that they have just as much of a legitimate chance to win the grand prize as anyone else does. To keep the excitement going you can offer weekly prizes a long with the end of the season payout. If someone is winning something each week everyone will remain excited and looking forward to the big payoff.

Final Note: Your football pool will lose it's luster if not enough people stay interested so try your best to keep their interests peaked and keep it competitive but don't over do it.

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Creating Your Own Sports Betting Chart for Football

If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a gambler or you truly are one, then you might want to consider making your own sports betting chart. This can be a really good little tool for someone who is really a serious bettor and is trying to gain some sort of edge on the sports betting book. This chart will be able to alert you to where and how the gambling line is moving. For instance one thing it can show is when the line starts moving towards the favorite and then this means that there are more people who think that the team is going to cover the point spread.

You should take note of the opening line when it first comes out on Sunday nights during the football season. This cycle in football will last one week. When the games are over on Sunday the sports book in Vegas and the online casinos will come out with their betting lines for the next week of games. This is what is called the opening line.

You will need to keep a close eye on this and chart how this line moves in the first 24 hours. This is very important because this can be very significant. Remember the line is devised by odds makers who don't try to tell you who the best team is, instead it's just the line they put together with just the idea of dividing the money that ends up being bet on the teams playing. If the line happens to move by a point or even more in that 24 hour time period this indicates that the public happens to favor one team over the other. For instance should the Chiefs start as 4 point favorites over the Raiders and then 80% of the people are betting the Chiefs then the line can move to 5 or 5 ½ points in that first 24 hours.

Play close attention to all the injuries and personnel moves that are made by all the teams during the week. This kind of information can be extremely important and can really influence the betting line. If a player was injured one Sunday and didn't practice on the following Wednesday the line may move against this team because of this factor. So when you chart the action you need to take notes on key players and their progress. Missing practice however, does not always mean they won't play in the game the following Sunday.

Later in the week you will want to check out any line moves there might have been as well. This is when what is called “smart money” is usually bet on games. Generally these are big bets placed by professional gamblers. These are the big time gamblers that the odds makers highly respect and they can actually influence the line with what they bet and who they bet it on.

Finally make sure to compare the final line with some of your own handicapping of the game. This is how a gambler is going to find value. So if the Chiefs end up as 6 point favorites over the Raiders but after you have done your research and you discover that your handicapping says that the Chiefs really shouldn't do any better than 2 points then this means you need to bet on the Raiders instead because this would be thought of as a stronger play.

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How You Can Bet on Pro Sports

There are a lot of people who do sports betting with a variety of different professional sports all over the world today. The Internet especially has made it extremely easy to be able to get involved. The people who do sports betting range from those that simply do it for a hobby to those who take it very seriously and become quite successful at doing it. No matter who you might be, it takes the proper preparation in order to have any kind of success at it. With the Internet making it a lot easier to access it's also become a lot easier to do as well.

The first thing that you will need to do if you are interested in doing some betting is to figure out which professional sport you are going to want to spend your money on. You should only bet on sports that you have the most interest in and are willing to learn all about. Don't pick one that you truly don't have an interest in or don't understand. You also don't want to pick a lot of sports because then you are going to be spreading yourself way too thin in the process so it's best to stick with one to three different sports and no more.

The next thing you will need to do is to come up with the maximum amount of money you are going to allow yourself to spend each month on sports betting. If you don't do this, you are going to open yourself up to a possibility of spending far more than you can actually afford and this is what will get you into hot water. If you set a monthly limit you will make it safer for yourself to gamble and your experience is going to be a far more pleasurable one.

After you have done this you will need to find some websites that will allow you to place your bets on the pro sports that you have chosen. You need to find sites that will let you practice first before using your real money to begin with. There are a lot of sites out there that will let you practice before you start betting your own money.

Once you have done this, and you have done your research on the sports you will be betting on, you can now decide where you are going to place your bets. If you live in an area that has casinos that allows sports betting you can choose to do your betting this way. But, if you can't do that, then you can choose an online betting site. Make sure that the site you choose has a long and good history of paying out their bets and has a good customer satisfaction history before you decide to sign up with one.

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A Few Tips for Horse Betting

Horse racing is an ancient sport that has thrilled many for years. It's also another sport that offers the person who loves to gamble for hobby or as a professional another way of having some fun with sports betting. There are different variables that can influence a horse race such as the conditions of the track, horses taken out of the race, the post position which by the way is chosen at random. There is also the jockey and how good of a record he might have. All of these things are going to change how you bet on each race.

You should make sure that if you really want to know what's going on in horse racing that you make sure and check the Daily Racing Form to get the most complete background information that you can on any horse that you might be interested in. You need to make sure that the horse is in good shape and is well prepared for the competition. You can do this by checking out the workout times at the distance being run and the results. The longer the times are between all of the workouts and the race could mean the horse might not be ready for the competition of that race. You should also make sure to check the class of horse that the horse you are thinking of picking competed against in a previous race as well as the distances they previously ran and the quality of the surfaces they ran on. Take all of this and compare the different variables against the conditions of the current race and then decide on whether or not your horse has done well under conditions similar to the current race, in past races.

You should also check out the horse's starting position or post position. If the horse has an outside or high number or an inside or low number, this poses as a disadvantage in most short races, but, in longer races the inside post position can actually be the advantage in the race. All horses need really good speed to overcome a really bad post position. Some are just natural front runners, while others race in the middle of the pack and then the rest are called stalkers who just like to come in from behind. When you compare the running style of the horse you want to bet on and the competition, you need to judge whether the horse is going to be able to emerge from the pack and win the race. You also will need to consider the track conditions and that the fast starting horses will generally be favored on the slow muddy tracks. Also, check all the records of the trainers and the jockeys. There are certain trainers and jockeys that are winners and others that are just doing their jobs and are nothing special.

Before the race starts make sure to check the tote board. This board is what will list the odds on each of the horses to win and is done in ratios. For instance, 2/1 would be 2 to 1 odds on a horse in the race. When placing a bet you will see that all horse bets come in a variety of different styles. There is the show bet which will win if the horse places first, second or third. Then there is the place bet which will pay off if the horse places second or first. The win bet will only pay off if the horse wins the race. The payoff of course is the highest on the win bet and then the lowest would be on the show bet. The ratios will change as people place their bets with the more favored horses of course getting the smaller odds.

If you have done your research and studied the horses good, you can use this information in order for you to pick a horse that you think has a shot. A very experienced bettor is going to look for the good value or fairly longer odds on superior horses and then will generally bet these horses in a combination that is called the trifecta and that is betting on three different horses in the same race.

Final Note: If you simply go with the favorite all of the time more times than not this is a money loser because favored horses carry short odds and they actually don't win often enough to justify the risk for betting on them.

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