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A Few Tips for Horse Betting

Horse racing is an ancient sport that has thrilled many for years. It's also another sport that offers the person who loves to gamble for hobby or as a professional another way of having some fun with sports betting. There are different variables that can influence a horse race such as the conditions of the track, horses taken out of the race, the post position which by the way is chosen at random. There is also the jockey and how good of a record he might have. All of these things are going to change how you bet on each race.

You should make sure that if you really want to know what's going on in horse racing that you make sure and check the Daily Racing Form to get the most complete background information that you can on any horse that you might be interested in. You need to make sure that the horse is in good shape and is well prepared for the competition. You can do this by checking out the workout times at the distance being run and the results. The longer the times are between all of the workouts and the race could mean the horse might not be ready for the competition of that race. You should also make sure to check the class of horse that the horse you are thinking of picking competed against in a previous race as well as the distances they previously ran and the quality of the surfaces they ran on. Take all of this and compare the different variables against the conditions of the current race and then decide on whether or not your horse has done well under conditions similar to the current race, in past races.

You should also check out the horse's starting position or post position. If the horse has an outside or high number or an inside or low number, this poses as a disadvantage in most short races, but, in longer races the inside post position can actually be the advantage in the race. All horses need really good speed to overcome a really bad post position. Some are just natural front runners, while others race in the middle of the pack and then the rest are called stalkers who just like to come in from behind. When you compare the running style of the horse you want to bet on and the competition, you need to judge whether the horse is going to be able to emerge from the pack and win the race. You also will need to consider the track conditions and that the fast starting horses will generally be favored on the slow muddy tracks. Also, check all the records of the trainers and the jockeys. There are certain trainers and jockeys that are winners and others that are just doing their jobs and are nothing special.

Before the race starts make sure to check the tote board. This board is what will list the odds on each of the horses to win and is done in ratios. For instance, 2/1 would be 2 to 1 odds on a horse in the race. When placing a bet you will see that all horse bets come in a variety of different styles. There is the show bet which will win if the horse places first, second or third. Then there is the place bet which will pay off if the horse places second or first. The win bet will only pay off if the horse wins the race. The payoff of course is the highest on the win bet and then the lowest would be on the show bet. The ratios will change as people place their bets with the more favored horses of course getting the smaller odds.

If you have done your research and studied the horses good, you can use this information in order for you to pick a horse that you think has a shot. A very experienced bettor is going to look for the good value or fairly longer odds on superior horses and then will generally bet these horses in a combination that is called the trifecta and that is betting on three different horses in the same race.

Final Note: If you simply go with the favorite all of the time more times than not this is a money loser because favored horses carry short odds and they actually don't win often enough to justify the risk for betting on them.

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