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Creating Your Own Sports Betting Chart for Football

If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a gambler or you truly are one, then you might want to consider making your own sports betting chart. This can be a really good little tool for someone who is really a serious bettor and is trying to gain some sort of edge on the sports betting book. This chart will be able to alert you to where and how the gambling line is moving. For instance one thing it can show is when the line starts moving towards the favorite and then this means that there are more people who think that the team is going to cover the point spread.

You should take note of the opening line when it first comes out on Sunday nights during the football season. This cycle in football will last one week. When the games are over on Sunday the sports book in Vegas and the online casinos will come out with their betting lines for the next week of games. This is what is called the opening line.

You will need to keep a close eye on this and chart how this line moves in the first 24 hours. This is very important because this can be very significant. Remember the line is devised by odds makers who don't try to tell you who the best team is, instead it's just the line they put together with just the idea of dividing the money that ends up being bet on the teams playing. If the line happens to move by a point or even more in that 24 hour time period this indicates that the public happens to favor one team over the other. For instance should the Chiefs start as 4 point favorites over the Raiders and then 80% of the people are betting the Chiefs then the line can move to 5 or 5 ½ points in that first 24 hours.

Play close attention to all the injuries and personnel moves that are made by all the teams during the week. This kind of information can be extremely important and can really influence the betting line. If a player was injured one Sunday and didn't practice on the following Wednesday the line may move against this team because of this factor. So when you chart the action you need to take notes on key players and their progress. Missing practice however, does not always mean they won't play in the game the following Sunday.

Later in the week you will want to check out any line moves there might have been as well. This is when what is called “smart money” is usually bet on games. Generally these are big bets placed by professional gamblers. These are the big time gamblers that the odds makers highly respect and they can actually influence the line with what they bet and who they bet it on.

Finally make sure to compare the final line with some of your own handicapping of the game. This is how a gambler is going to find value. So if the Chiefs end up as 6 point favorites over the Raiders but after you have done your research and you discover that your handicapping says that the Chiefs really shouldn't do any better than 2 points then this means you need to bet on the Raiders instead because this would be thought of as a stronger play.

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