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How to Understand the Betting Odds for the NFL

If you are too experienced at sports betting and are interested in betting on the NFL, you probably wonder how the point spreads and lines are figured out. If you are wondering how that is done, you not the only one that has asked that question. The NFL odds are figured out primarily by a group of professionals called odds makers that work out of Las Vegas, and each week they try and interpret all the data that they get from each team and then they use this data and release their predictions to all the different sports books everywhere. Below are some tips to help you understand the NFL betting odds you see each week during football season.

You need to consider both the team records and their momentum. Those teams that are playing good or have appear to be on what is called a winning streak. Often these are the teams that you will see as being the favorites picked by the odds makers.

It is also based upon the data they have on key players and if they are injured or if they are for some other reason not going to be able to play that week. The odds makers will generally take this into account and if you are betting on a certain team, it's probably a good idea if you also take this into account as well.

Another factor is where the team is playing. Generally in it considered to be in their favor if they are playing in front of their home crowd. If the game is played outdoors the weather is going to be added in as well. There are actually some teams that play a lot better in cold weather than they do extremely hot weather and the other way around. When it comes to playing at home the odds makers will generally give the home team right off the bat a 3 point advantage.

There are some sports books that will use point spreads as well as money lines so the betting on both sides will be evened out. The reason for this is to keep the betting even. If they didn't do this then almost everyone would end up betting on the favorite team to win.

The different sports books will make different adjustments to the lines to account for the local favorite teams after the odds have been released by those professionals in Las Vegas. So you need to keep a look out for that as well.

There might be times though that after you've done all of your own homework that your own figures simply won't jive with those odds makers. This is the time in which you need to decide to go with your gut feelings because if you go with your numbers and against the odds makers, there is a chance that you might be write and you could win a lot of money by following your own hunch.

Final Note: Just remember that sports gambling is illegal in most states unless you live somewhere that there are legal casinos with legal sports books.

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